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We are a young start-up from India founded in 2019. Our passion is to deliver innovative material solutions for additive manufacturing (3D printing) in high-performance polymers like PEEK, PAEK, PEI, PES, PPSU, PA66, PA12, and its special composites with Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, CNT, bioactive minerals, blends, etc.

We are backed up by highly experienced technically sound polymer professionals who worked extensively with reputed MNCs in the field.

We are equipped with advanced external resources to execute our ideas and buy or resale various high-tech polymer 3D printing filaments for FFF/FDM printing, SLS powders, granules for direct printing, stock shapes, and special compounds. We believe our experience and knowledge is our strength. We are convinced that 3D printing is the next evolutionary step in industrial manufacturing.

Our target audience is additive manufacturing, biomedical, Electrical vehicles, Aerospace, Space technology, Defense, Industrial applications, Chemical Industry, and Research institutes.


Our Values:

Curious to learn  

Passion to innovative  

Create a solution for customer 


3D Filament and Stock shapes